Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Meridian by Amber Kizer

Title: Meridian

Author: Amber Kizer

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Meridian has always been an outcast. It seems wherever she goes, death and grief follow. On her sixteenth birthday, a car crashes in front of her families house and though she is untouched her body explodes in pain. Before she can fully recover, Meridian is told that she is a danger to her family and is hustled off to her great-aunt's house in Revelation, Colorado. There she learns the secret her parents have been keeping from her for her entire life...And it's not even close to what she thought!

Overall Review: GOOD BAD UGLY

When I first saw this book on the shelf, I thought it looked good. When I read the inside flap I was even more curious about it but wasn't in a hurry to read it. So after two weeks on my shelf, I finally decided to give it a shot, needless to say it was GOOD! I couldn't put it down and spent all day yesterday reading it. I finished right before bed, WHOO!
This book was a different read from most paranormal romances which of course I love. The protagonist, Meridian, is an interesting character and fairly original. At the start of the book, we know she is plagued by something rather disgusting...animals go to her and die. She wakes up in the morning with dead insects and animals in her bed. YUCK. So from the very beginning readers are sympathetic and the sympathy increases by the seemingly bad treatment she receives from her parents. After a terrible accident she is shipped off to her Auntie's. Auntie is a great character and readers will love her instantly. She is quirky, spunky and lovable, all things we want in great-aunt grandmotherish type. Since Auntie possesses the same gift as Meridian, she is able to teach her how to harness her gift and use it the way she is supposed to. Because of their gifts, Meridian and Auntie have attracted the attention of the local cult leader, Reverend Perimo who has managed to get control of the town of Revelation and its people. The Reverend has convinced the town that Meridian and Auntie are witches and they are the reason God has brought judgement on their town. Between a war with the Reverend and a war with others who are like Meridian and Auntie, they have their hands full. Luckily they have the help of Tens. Tens is a young man who has a special gift and and even more special job... he is Meridian designated protector. Ten's is not a very original character even though we do like him. He is typically, tall, good looking, longish dark hair (what is it Paranormal fiction and guys with long hair? I am so not a long hair girl, so I always pretend the author wrote short hair.) and of course at first he is mean to Meridian, but as we know it is just a cover of his true feelings. Though likable, Tens is forgettable. The romance between the two is a little quick but I guess at sixteen that is the norm. My big issue with the book, however, is the portrayal of God. Yes, I know most UF books have evil connotations and deal with hellish things, but most don't blatantly refer to God and compare him to elements in the book. I don't know, some it just kind of made me uncomfortable. I like to read my vamps, wolves and demons without being reminded that God wouldn't approve. (Perhaps this is because of my Conservative, religious upbringing--a Christian guilt thing.) Kizer did a good job at showing how most cult leaders misuse the Bible by quoting verses that fit there delusions and use it to exploit hurting people.
Overall I believe that readers of this genre will enjoy the book. I am looking forward to the sequel due out in the fall. This isn't an OMG I have to read this book, but it is a "I have few days and I need a quick, fun read." With some strong language, the F-bomb is dropped once or twice, I wouldn't recommend it for tweens.

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