Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: "The Six Rules of Maybe" by Deb Caletti

Title: The Six Rules of Maybe

Author: Deb Caletti

Genre: YA Fiction

Synopsis: Scarlet spends most of her time worrying about other people. Some are her friends, others are practically strangers and the then there are the ones that no one else even notices. Trying to fix their lives comes naturally to her. And pushing her own needs to the side is part of the deal. So when her older sister comes home unexpectedly married and pregnant, Scarlet has a new person to worry about. But all her good intentions are shattered when the unthinkable happens: She falls for her sister's husband. For the first time in a long time, Scarlet's not fixing a problem she is at the center of one. And ignoring her feelings doesn't seem to be an option. . . .


As you can see I have added to my rating system. Sometimes it is hard to classify a book as GOOD when it was not as good as the book I had previously rated GOOD. The Six Rules of Maybe wasn't a bad book at all, it just wasn't one of my favorites. Especially by this author. Caletti's writing is very similar to that of Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Scott. One of my favorite books is the The Nature of Jade by Caletti. Her writing is raw and resonates with teens today. In The Six Rules... the protagonist, Scarlet is the nice girl who never wants to hurt any one's feelings. She tries to take care of her friends, neighbors and family. The one person she doesn't take care of is: Scarlet. Until she falls for Hayden Renfrew, the cute boy living in her house. The only problem is that Hayden is married to Juliet, Scarlet's pregnant sister. (Any girl who has had a crush on a boy who was already taken, will feel Scarlet's pain. Especially, when we see how poorly Hayden is treated by Juliet.) For the first time, Scarlet is starting to think about herself and what she wants. As she and Hayden become better friends, Scarlet is convinced that Hayden deserves better than the selfish Juliet who is still chasing after a an old flame who no longer wants her. One night everything changes for Scarlet. She makes one of the biggest mistakes of her life, her sister takes off, her mom is late coming home and Hayden's beloved dog Zeus runs away. Scarlet realizes that trying to take care of everyone else and their problems is not her place. She also realizes that when you try so hard to be nice and not say what you really mean, you are lying. As Scarlet begins to take care of herself and speak the the truth, her eyes are opened to things about herself that she didn't know existed. She also opens up herself to a more appropriate boy to love. Fan's of Sarah Dessen will enjoy this book. I recommend it for older teens due to language and sexual content.

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