Monday, September 27, 2010

"OH Maaan" Monday and Other New Blog Features!

I detest Mondays!!! Seriously, they are the bane of my existence. The painful thorn in my delicate side and an over pain in the butt! I'm sure I am not a lone in my hatred of the return to the real world Monday. So, I decided to stop complaining about Monday's and do something that might just help with the Monday morning blues. And nothing cures my Monday blues like some a HOT MAN! So here's my idea....every Monday I am going to pick a Hot Hero from a book and the pick a Man Candy Celebrity to play him if the book was turned into a movie.

And to kick it off, I am going to pick one of my favorite characters from my favorite series of all time, The Shifter's by Rachel Vincent. Sexy men run rampant throughout this series, so it is pretty likely that I will be selecting from the series again. Ladies.....and possible some gentlemen, let me introduce you to. . .

Marc Ramos: Werecat, Top Enforcer of the South Central Pride, quick tempered, but extremely passionate and overall hottie! Marc wasn't born a werecat he was scratched by the werecat who brutally raped and killed his mother when he was only 14 years old. He is a known as stray among the werecat community, but to Faythe, the only daughter of the Alpha of the South Central Pride, he is the love of her life and possibly future husband.

The Man Candy Celebrity that I picked to play Marc in a movie is....Nicholas Gonzales.

Nicholas is an an American born Mexican decedent. He is 34 years old. He starred in the movie Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, as well as t.v shows such as, True Blood and Ugly Betty.

You're welcome, for the Monday dose of Hot Man Candy! Take peeks throughout the day when you feeling down. A man like this is sure to help you perk up, and make you say. . ."Oh, Man!"
Other new features of my blog are:
Teaser Trivia Tuesday: I am going to post a teaser from an upcoming release and have survey to see if you followers can guess what book it came from.
"What the @#$%!" Wednesday: Things in the literary world that made me say "What the @#$%!" This includes, books, author quotes, or book to movies, and anything else that makes me curse.
Blood Thirsty Thursday: Since I have, what some may say, a sick fascination with vampires, it is only fitting that I have a day dedicated to it. Thursday's will feature anything having to do with Vamps.
Friday Freak Out: Is the the interactive part of my blog. Readers and followers can feel free to post anything that is on their mind. Maybe you just want to vent about your day or give a shout out about a book you read. Anything goes, except no curse words please!

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