Thursday, October 7, 2010


Every Thursday is about my well documented fascination(I refuse to say obsession!) with vampires. They are sexy, strong, and immortal. SO HOTT!! Well this week I want to shed the bloody spotlight on one of my favorite adult vampire series.

The Midnight Breed series, by Lara Adrian, is a guilty pleasure of mine. The characters are not what we typically think of when we think of vampires, although they do have fangs, drink blood and an annoying allergy to sunlight. The Breed is a group of vampire warriors that have sworn to protect their kind, and the unwitting humans existing alongside them, from the threat of Rogues. Rogues are vampires who have given over to blood lust and have no control over their impulses. Each book in the series spotlights a different couple, a Breed member and a Breedmate, a special female descendant from the Breed who has the ability to create a Breed child. Yet, they still are a part of the Breed. They live at the compound in Massachusetts. The Breed warriors are as close as brothers. The action in each book makes the book hard to put down and the naughty scenes. . .hmmm, can you say chills?? With at least three really fantastic sex scenes in each book, it is a series I like to read before I go to bed.

The newest and 8th book in the series, Taken By Midnight, has just been released.

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