Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"What The...Wednesday!" Have you met Jessica Rabbit, yet?

Yes, you read that correctly, Jessica Rabbit. Last week I was looking at some new book review blogs and I came across one of the most awesomely original blogs I have seen in a long time. Jessica Rabbit's Corner is definitely for adults only. She is funny, blatantly honest and uniquely weird. I enjoyed her blog so much, that I actually e-mailed her to tell her, and she responded. Her blog is my new guilty pleasure, but at first it did make me say "What the. . ." So, ladies. . . take a stroll over to and meet Jessica Rabbit. You will not be disappointed. Those of you who enjoy her blog and become followers, leave a comment letting me know.
In the words of my new friend Jessica Rabbit,
"Pixie Stix and Vodka Kisses"

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